Time Band - A Point In Time

A Time Historian Cannot Change The Past!

A rule to be followed at all costs, but…

Adam is about to begin his final year at Time Immemorial High—an exclusive school for time historians. A model pupil, intelligent, level-headed and mature, he could never be accused of making rash decisions. Until now that is.

Whilst visiting his girlfriend Tara, and without her knowledge, Adam is tempted to use her family’s portal, and ends up on the island owned by her estranged grandfather, Tempest Tempus—the Father of Time, the man responsible for inventing time travel.

Adam is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, to help test a new and ‘unauthorised’ form of time travel. It comes at a price though. And as Adam soon discovers on his maiden trip back to the past, there will come a point in time when difficult choices must be made for the greater good.