A Point In Time Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Happy Twosday

Twosday, which just so happens to have fallen on a Tuesday, has been called the coolest date of the decade, but today is also significant in that it marks the two hundred year pre-anniversary of Tara and Troy’s birth.

2.22.2222 – now that really is a Happy Twosday – although the twins date of birth falls on a Friday.

And I celebrated today’s Twosday by taking my first look at the paperback and hardcover versions of my novella, Time Band – A Point In Time.

A Point In Time Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Paperback and hardcover copies of Time Band – A Point in Time are now available on Amazon, but alternatively you can get your FREE copy of the eBook version of this prequel novella to the Time Band series of Time Travel Historical Fiction novels, by clicking here.

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