The Walter Tull Quiz

This is a multiple choice quiz based on the life of Walter Tull.

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In 2014, the Royal Mint honoured Tull with a coin worth how much?

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In what year did Walter Tull begin playing for Tottenham Hotspur?

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How old was Walter Tull when he died?

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Walter Tull toured which continent with Tottenham Hotspur before signing for the club

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What colour did the Royal Mail paint a postbox in honour of Walter Tull in 2020?

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The Football Battalion was the nickname given to which battalion?

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What rank was Walter Tull the first time he was posted to France to fight in 1915?

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This recruitment poster was most likely aimed at players and fans of which London based football club?

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What rank was Walter Tull when he died

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On what beach was a portrait of Walter Tull washed into the sea in 2018?

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